Rehabilitation Skilled Nursing

Highest Level Of Skilled Nursing Care

highest level of skilled nursing care

Presidential Oaks strives to provide the highest level of skilled nursing care and rehabilitation therapy services needed to recover, recuperate and to be prepared to return home within their community environment.

Short Term Care residents will immediately be assessed by a physician, nursing team and or rehabilitation therapist to create a care plan that meets the residents’ goals.

Some of our residents may choose to be admitted to our Long-Term Care unit, and our interdisciplinary team will work to ensure a plan of care is developed to ensure their highest-level independence and care is in place.

Services offered in Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing

Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy img
Medicare Requires Hospitals

Medicare requires hospitals

The Rehabilitation Center at Presidential Oaks provides a therapy following a hospital stay due to an acute illness, a joint replacement or an injury. Medicare requires hospitals to provide you with a list of ALL centers in your area. If they don't offer you one, ASK FOR IT.

All of our licensed therapists work with patients to develop and implement a rehabilitation and recovery plan that is best-suited to their individual needs.

Physical Therapy

Includes exercises designed to increase strength, endurance, coordination and range of motion.

Occupational Therapy

Provides experience and practice with everyday tasks so that patients can participate as fully as possible in the daily activities that are an important part of their lives.

Speech Therapy

Includes the treatment of language disorders, cognitive disorders and swallowing risks through cognitive retraining and oral motor exercises.

If you require Rehabilitation after a hospital stay, you should receive a list of all Medicare-approved rehabilitation facilities in the area.

If you don't – you should ASK for one. You are entitled to all the information you need to make an informed decision about where you recuperate.

For more information on The Rehabilitation Center at Presidential Oaks, call us at 603-724-6100.

Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy img